NV Champagne Georges Laval 'Garennes' Extra Brut

NV Champagne Georges Laval 'Garennes' Extra Brut

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Georges Laval is a deep-rooted family Champagne house, with documented vineyard-growing activity by the family as far as 1694. This is a small domaine with only 2,5 hectares, and it is organicly farmed since 1971 (it's even in byodynamy for a while), and given the record in this regard elsewhere in Champagne (and the difficult weather conditions), that is quite exceptional. Before that time, the family was selling the grapes to the négoce.

This Champagne is a new product from Georges Laval. 90% Pinot Meunier and 10% Pinot Noir, a fairly atypical blend. The Meunier is from the 2015 vintage, harvested from Chambrecy. The Pinot Noir comes from Chambrecy and Cumieres.

Fermentation and refining occurs in French oak. Only 1 g/L of sugar in the dosage.

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