2014 Luis Pato Baga Método Antigo Rosé

2014 Luis Pato Baga Método Antigo Rosé

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Joao Pato began bottling wine from his vineyards in Bairrada in the 1970’s. His son Luis followed suit. Luis focused on the grape he felt represented the Bairrada region best: Baga. This Portugiese answer to Nebbiolo makes amazing red wines, but Luis found that it can make a delightfully ephemeral bubbly too.

This wine is produced in the “ancient method,” in which the wine is partially fermented in stainless steel and then finished in bottles. Carbon dioxide is trapped in the wine during the final stages of bottle fermentation.

Floral notes and berries on the nose. The palate contains notes of raspberry, minerally cherry and a hint of herbs. Excellent acidity, fair mousse-feel on back of palate. Medium length feel.

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